OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION / gambling demarcation

OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION / gambling demarcation



In relation to the latest reports that we have had where the trademark “Expogolf México” is related to games of chance carried out clandestinely in Mexico City and its surroundings, we want to clarify the following points:

1.- Expogolf México is a trademark registered in the IMPI registry with registration number 1224296, in class 35 and the use of our trademark is prohibited without prior authorization and payment of the corresponding rights for purposes of any kind.

2.- At no time have we allowed third parties to use our brand in any way, Expogolf México holds golf tournaments and exhibitions, it is our business and that is what we do.

3.- We condemn any improper use of our brand to play games of chance where the purpose is to scam the people who participate there by their own will or based on deception, but we clarify that the Expogolf México brand or any of its collaborators perform this type activities, so we completely dissociate ourselves from these actions.

4.- We clarify, we will enter into legal actions and with all those of the law, against whoever is responsible for using the brand “Expogolf México” without consent and to scam people, we also want to provide all our legal support to those who have already been affected by this type of illicit activities.

We are available for any clarification regarding this type of activity where we completely dissociate ourselves from its repercussions, clarifying that the trademark “Expogolf México” is being used improperly and illegally and without our consent.

 We are already taking legal action.

Best regards.

Diego Kochisce Méndez Garcia


Expogolf México

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